Monday, June 11, 2018

National Security Council Part 1

If Texans are going to help get our country back on track, then Texans need to prepare to serve on the National Security Council.  Why would a Texan ever end up on the National Security Council (NSC)?  Well, it is happening right now.  Our former governor, now Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry is on the National Security Council.  Here is an article about that:  Rick Perry is Now on The National Security Council by Leif Reigstad, Texas Monthly Apr 5, 2017.  Here is a snap-shot of the executive members, including Rick Perry.  When Mr. Perry was a Yell Leader at Texas A&M, I'll bet he never gave a thought about the likelihood of his being on the NSC. 
Click on the image to enlarge it.

All of us in Texas need to be ready to step up and serve our country.  However, how can anyone ever really prepare to serve on the NSC?  We will examine that in the future.


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