Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trust Texas: Taking a Stand Against Corruption

Establishing a reputation for honesty would improve business opportunities in Texas. I mentioned this in an earlier post in this blog: the Trust Texas Project. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal brings corruption back to the headlines: New Jersey Corruption Bust Had Deep Roots by SUZANNE SATALINE (Aug. 28, 2009). What an embarrassment for New Jersey this event must be. I was happy the scandal was taking place outside of Texas.

Maintaining honesty in politicians has always been a problem. Plato said we would not be free of political corruption unless we were ruled by philosophers, unless we were ruled by people who loved wisdom instead of money. That is a difficult order to meet!

I have suggested in the past that we have our children recite daily the Pledge to Justice in our elementary schools:

The Pledge to Justice
We do not steal, we do not cheat, and we do not hurt other people.
We are people of integrity, competence, and compassion.

Our children's future depends upon a political and economic environment permeated by honesty. We all need to work towards this end for the sake of our children.

Robert Canright