Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cicero Project and Huntsman Corp

In January 2009 I said, "Our lawyers here in Texas must be the best in the world in litigation." Now on Wednesday June 24, 2009, the Wall Street Journal reports, in "Huntsman, Banks Settle for $1.7 Billion" by Peter Lattman, that Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank settled the suit brought against them in a Texas state court. They agreed to pay Huntsman Corp., operating out of The Woodlands, $632 Million and extend a $1.1 Billion loan on favorable terms.

This is clear evidence that Texas lawyers must be prepared to litigate against the largest corporations on earth and win.

Texas must operate on the international stage. We cannot be just one more state in a crowd of 50 states. America needs a strong Texas, and for a strong Texas we must have the best lawyers on earth. That is a part of the Cicero Project within the Texas Ascendant Campaign: the best lawyers, but also lawyers with integrity and civic virtue.

Robert Canright