Sunday, October 21, 2018

National Security and the War Colleges

Continuing the line of reasoning of how we might better prepare people to serve on the National Security Council, we will now consider the war colleges.  The Army has the U.S. Army War College, the Air Force has the Air War College, the Navy has the Naval War College, and the Department of Defense has the National War College.  All of these institutions permit a number of civilians to enroll with the stipulation that the civilians are high ranking federal employees.  The Air War College also permits civilians who are senior members of the Civil Air Patrol to enroll.  There are even more related colleges and institutions.  For example:  the National War College is a part of the National Defense University and the U.S. Army War College contains a Strategic Studies Institute.

If a few positions for civilians at the various military graduate programs and war colleges could be made available for nominees from state governors or U.S. senators, then America would have a deeper pool of talent available to support those governors and senators who some day might be President of the U.S. and would look to people they know and trust to provide council.

The next time a Texan becomes President, it would be good if he or she had a pool of talented Texans to give advice on the National Security Council, or related positions.


This is part of a series of articles on National Security.  The rest of the articles are listed in National Security Council Part 1,  June 11, 2018