Sunday, March 31, 2024

The saying "Cheaters make bad leaders"

We have a lot of sayings in our society that are useful reminders of common wisdom, like "a stitch in time saves nine."  We also call these sayings adages, maxims, or aphorisms.  An adage that should be in our minds when we think about politics is, "cheaters make bad leaders."

Until recently, the most famous cheater in American history has been LBJ, Lyndon Baines Johnson, our 36th President.  His most famous cheat was for the 1948 Democratic runoff for a US Senate seat.  I have more details in this post:  LBJ Did Steal an Election, April 21, 2019 (

So very many people died in his tragic mishandling of the Vietnam War.  Over 58,000 American military servicemen died in Vietnam.  The number of civilian deaths has been estimated at 2 million.  Although the documentary, The Fog of War, featuring Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, covers war in general, it also covers the Vietnam War.

The way Vietnam was mismanaged by LBJ was a tragedy.  If LBJ had not cheated his way into the Senate, he would never have become JFK's vice president.  Actions have consequences.  A consequence of people cheating to achieve positions that they do not deserve is that the people's choice is subverted and the fundamental premise of our system of government is destroyed.

We have throughout our history relied on the wisdom of the American people to chose their leaders, but cheating cancels the will of the people.  

We should always remember:  Cheaters make bad leaders.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Rich Higgins of "The Memo" Has Passed Away

I am sorry to inform you that the patriot Rich Higgins passed away February 23, 2022.  You can read tributes to him at Unconstrained Analytics (a fantastic operation): and also at Understanding the Threat

 This is a great loss to his family, his friends, and the whole nation.


Meaning of "There is no light at the Top"

Rich Higgins, in his book "The Memo, 20 Years Inside the Deep State Fighting for America First," quotes his boss Ed McCallum as saying, "... there is no light at the top." (on page 77)

I googled the expression to see exactly what was meant by this expression, and I found it is not a standard expression.  Think it through and ask what you have when there is no light.  Without light there is darkness.  What this means is that the top levels of our government under Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama were in darkness.  Our culture could interpret this darkness as ignorance, it could be wickedness, or it could be evil.   On pages 46 and 47 of The Memo we read how Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld refused to use the word "insurgency."  By edict, there were no insurgents.  People like Rich Higgins and Steve Coughlin (F.B.I.) were so frustrated that they tried speaking the truth and were punished.  It was when Ed McCallum rescued Rich Higgins from an administrative ambush that McCallum told him, "You will find out, pretty soon, that there is no light at the top."

Edward McCallum was Rich Higgins' boss, director of the CTTSO, "Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office" inside the Department of Defense (DoD).  Edward McCallum was a retired Army Lt. Col. and we should examine his experience to evaluate his assessment that "there is no light at the top."

Search for Edward McCallum here ( to read his testimony before a Congressional Committee, 108th Congress, September 29, 2003:  COUNTERTERRORISM TECHNOLOGY: PICKING WINNERS AND LOSERS.  This testimony is also on CSPAN at this link:  The entire video is 3 hours long, but Edward McCallum is one of the first speakers, starting at 18:14 and ending at 27:30.  Then he speaks again from 42:00 to 46:00.  Lt. Col. McCallum was a DoD manager working in counter-terrorism and you learn about project management by listening to the Q&A.  I stopped listening after 46 minutes.  You can tell he is experienced and competent.

Here is more Congressional testimony by Edward McCallum, SECURITY LAPSES AT DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY FACILITIES, THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 1999:  Edward McCallum had a lot to say about problems within our government.

Here is an article in the Washington Post describing how Lt. Col. McCallum was punished for blowing the whistle on security lapses in our nuclear facilities:  DOE Ex-Aide Describes `Reprisal' for Warnings By Vernon Loeb, June 25, 1999 (

Aristotle in his Rhetoric gave us ethos, logos, and pathos.  Examining the experiences of Lt. Col. McCallum is assessing his ethos.  I believe in him.  Osama bin Laden started under Bill Clinton, flourished under George W., and while he died under Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood made huge gains in America under Obama.  Two terms each for these three Presidents and we see 24 years of darkness enveloping Washington, D.C., and the rise of an out-of-control Deep State.  These three Presidents inflicted more harm on our country during 24 years than Osama bin Laden could ever have imagined.

When you hear a serious man like Lt. Col. Edward McCallum say circa 2003 "there is no light at the top," you can understand why our country is in such serious trouble today.  The top of our government has been rotting for decades.


Monday, December 27, 2021

LBJ Stole the Senate in 1948

Democrats have been cheating for a long time.  In 1948 Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) cheated in the Democratic Party runoff to steal the election from Coke Stevenson, who had been Governor of Texas.  Per Wikipedia:  "On the day of the election, Johnson appeared to have lost the Democratic run-off primary to Stevenson. Six days after polls had closed, 202 additional ballots were found in Precinct 13 of Jim Wells County, all of which were in Johnson's favor." (

Stolen elections have been happening for decades.  Election theft is generally covered up.  In this case, it was one Democrat cheating another Democrat.  Later on President LBJ made a thorough mess of Vietnam, proving that cheaters make bad leaders.

Here's another article on this topic:

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Election Fraud in Chicago 1982

There has been election fraud in Chicago for a long time.  Here are some quotes from Lapham's Quarterly, Vol. XIII, Number 4, Fall 2020, the Democracy issue, page 158.

The quote below is from a special grand jury report.  The actions of the grand jury resulted in the conviction of 58 individuals, including precinct captains, election judges, and party workers, for acts of voter fraud that were committed during Illinois' November 1982 general election.  "In some Chicago precincts, vote fraud has been routine," the report concludes, "and has occurred over an extended period of time.  The finer points of committing such offenses have actually been passed between successive generations of precinct captains."

Here is some testimony from the grand jury.

One precinct captain stated that he decided to run a learn election during the primary prior to the 1982 general election.  He didn't pay the alcoholics two dollars to vote or forge voters' names that election.  A few days after that election, he was called in before the ward committeeman and asked what his problem was and whether he was trying to go against the ward.  He told the ward committeeman that he had tried to run a clean election.  This precinct captain had been working a city job on the night shift and running a profitable part-time business during the day.  A few days after his talk with the ward committeeman, the precinct captain's shift, and the location of his job, were abruptly changed.  His shift was changed to a day shift so that he was forced to give up his part-time business.  His new job location was not accessible using freeways and was very difficult for him to reach.  After that experience, the precinct captain decided that he would commit voter fraud in subsequent elections as had had been trained to do.

You can examine current cases of election fraud at this website:  Election Fraud Cases, listed on the Heritage Foundation website.


Sunday, September 5, 2021

Is Truth a Naive Concept?

 In Marxism, an Historical and Critical Study by George Lichtheim, page xvii, the author writes "The naive view that doctrines are either true or false, no other judgement being allowed, takes no account of the practical significance of theory:  its relevance to the circumstances it sets out to explain."

Then on page xviii, Mr. Lichtheim writes, "The usual question with regard to the author of a systematic body of thought is: (1) What did he teach? (2) Is what he taught true?  It is questionable whether this approach can ever be very helpful, and it is quite certainly useless in dealing with Marx, the more so as his theories emerged in response to developments which he was the first to identify."

I would summarize these thoughts from Socialist writer George Lichtheim in this way:  Truth is a naive concept, and is quite certainly useless in dealing with Marxism.  I.e., Marxists do not worry about being truthful because they do not believe in truth.

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0231054256

Friday, September 3, 2021

Famous David Rockefeller Cabal Quote

There is a famous quote from David Rockefeller.  I could not find a full citation, so I bought the book and found the quote so I could cite it accurately.  Here is the famous quote:

Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as "internationalists" and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure -- one world, if you will.  If that's the charge, I stand guilty and I am proud of it.

The book is "David Rockefeller: Memoirs" by David Rockefeller.  The quote is on page 405, in Chapter  37, "Proud Internationalist", Random House, New York, 2002.  Hardcover ISBN 0679405887.

The Rockefellers started the Council on Foreign Relations and David Rockefeller was a globalist and working for a one world order.  He admitted it and he claimed to be a Republican.   Now you begin to understand what is meant by the term "Rockefeller Republican."