Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Texas Ascendant Campaign Overview

The Texas Ascendancy Campaign is a vision for a greater Texas.

America is in a severe economic recession at this time because the leadership in Washington and Wall Street has failed.

America needs new leadership and Texas needs to develop that leadership and support that leadership.

Education is the foundation of civilization. By adjusting the education we provide the children of Texas we can develop the leaders America needs.

TBAR: the Texas Business and Arts Renaissance is a plan for the synergistic rise of the arts and business in Texas.

TLR: the Texas Leadership Revolution encourages advancements in leadership driven by a commitment to integrity and competence in all our endeavors. Education supports the development of better leaders by improving the content in the history curriculum, by increasing the number of Tier One universities in Texas, and by strengthening the Economics programs in our universities.

The following are lists of articles in this blog on the three major topics.
Articles on eduction
Articles on the Texas Business and Arts Renaissance (TBAR)
Articles on the Texas Leadership Revolution (TLR)
The articles mention projects within the Texas Ascendant Campaign. Here is a list of projects.

America needs better leaders for a better future and Texas should develop those leaders.

The whole world looks to America for leadership in finances. Everyone believed Americans understood money, but now the Premier of China, Wen Jiabao, has expressed concern in trusting America with money, as reported in the New York Times, Saturday March 14, 2008.

The entire world is crying out for better leadership. Texas must answer the call. The Texas Ascendant Campaign is a plan to provide the leadership the world needs.

If not for America, if not for the world, then at least for the sake of our children's future we must develop a more prosperous, vibrant, and powerful State of Texas.

Robert Canright

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