Saturday, December 5, 2009

TLR: The Speech Writing Project, Part 2

The next Texan in the White House Needs Great Speeches

When I mentioned the importance of good speech writing in our next effort to put at Texan in the White House, I mentioned that our universities could support this effort by promoting promoting presidential rhetoric and oratory.

Besides normal scholarly work, we could look at the example of Jeffrey Hart at Dartmouth University. Besides teaching English Literature, he worked as a speech writer on Ronald Reagan's 1968 run for the Republican nomination. He worked as a White House speech writer for Nixon. Then he returned to Dartmouth.

Jeffrey Hart worked as a book reviewer for Buckley's National Review. Hart helped start the Dartmouth Review.

A great leader needs great speeches to showcase great ideas and affirm great values. We need to develop great speech writers in Texas to help make Texas Ascendant!

Robert Canright

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