Sunday, January 31, 2010

Texas Economic Forum

Action Plan

I was asked by a reader for an action plan to achieve a Texas Economic Forum, a coming together of minds to find a way to save the American middle-class from extinction.

One step to finding a solution is to create an Economics Institute in Texas with a mission to save the American middle-class. Every economics institute is narrowly focused. U.T. Dallas has a Institute for Urban Policy Research, which does not seem to take a national and global outlook. U.T. Dallas also has an Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which can contribute contribute to growth but does not try to look at the big picture. U.N.T. has an Institute of Applied Economics that could examine national and global economic patterns, but does not, judging from recent publications. Texas Tech University has a International Cotton Research Center. U.T. Austin, Texas A&M, and S.M.U. do not appear to have an economics institute associated with the university.

Working With Other States

If Texas can establish an economics institute either as a government agency or as a part of a university, then we can share our findings with neighboring states. If we can form a Heartland Union, then a broad coalition like that can put many minds together and martial resources that would exceed those of most nations.

Independent Economic Programs

With a Heartland Union and a coalition of economic institutes then we could formulate policies and apply broad resources to reverse the economic decline of the American middle-class. We cannot look to Washington for solutions because Washington is in the pocket of Wall Street financiers, and Wall Street is responsible for the decline of the middle-class.

Robert Canright

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