Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TBAR: The Economics Project Defined

The Texas Ascendant Campaign is a plan to save America by building a stronger Texas. Many of America's leaders come from the North East.  Texans need to step forward to help lead America.

Texans have been in the White House during a number of modern crises. Lyndon B. Johnson was President during the Vietnam War. George H.W. Bush was President during the Gulf War. George W. Bush was President during 9-11. Some day in the future a Texan might be President during a make-or-break period in our future, and we need the best prepared person with the best supporting people from the great state of Texas to ensure our county's success.

The Texas Ascendant Economics Project is a plan to develop the best thinking about economics, a plan to develop world class economics experts in Texas, a plan to raise the education level about economics, and a plan to use economics to build a stronger Texas and a stronger America.

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