Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Texas Software Product Development Project

The Texas Software Product Development Project focuses attention on those aspects of software development that are necessary for creating useful products.  Software reliability is a topic with enough complexity to warrant its own project, The Texas Software Reliability Project .

Developing a quality software product requires some understanding of quality code.  My blog post entitled Big Ball of Mud discusses code quality.

In addition to software reliability and software quality, other key aspects of software product development include:  (1) product definition, which can depend on creativity, innovation, and market research; (2) design, which has many aspects and many levels of design; (3) planning, which includes schedule, budget, and staffing; (4) execution, which includes many aspects of coding and project management; (5) testing and integration, and (5) deployment, which includes customer delivery and acceptance.

Developing software products that work, that customers want, that please customers is difficult.  The more complex the product, the harder the task becomes.  It is not enough to throw a lot of smart people at a problem.  Every time a software project fails to deliver a successful software product, money is lost and our economy is hurt.

There is a lot of money being made with successful software products.  The purpose of the Texas Software Product Development Project is to increase wealth in Texas by bringing attention to those aspects of software development that can make or break a product.

This post is part of the The Texas Software Initiative.


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