Wednesday, December 3, 2008

TLR and the Speech Writing Project

The Presidency Project, Part of the Texas Leadership Revolution (TLR)

We need to prepare our children as though any one of them might become President of the USA. The challenges facing America are increasingly difficult. Texans have occupied the White House in the past and faced great challenges: Vietnam, the 1st Gulf War, then the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The next Texan in the White House might face unimaginably difficult problems, so this Texan should be a person of integrity and vision, a person well grounded in history, economics, and finance. The next Texan in the White House might make fateful decisions that will make or break America. We need to send our best to the White House.

We also need to prepare our children to support a Texan running for the White House. There are many components to that web of support. One component is speech writing.

The Speech Writing Project

Presidential candidates rely on a number of highly qualified speech writers. Every important aspect of a presidential campaign must be prepared and nurtured. The rhetoric and oration of a U.S. President are vital to shaping the public vision and will. Publius Cornelius Tacitus (56 – 117 A.D.) was a Roman Senator, Consul, Governor, and historian. He wrote “A Dialogue Concerning Oratory,” emphasizing the importance of eloquent oratory to stir the public. Presidential oratory can be studied, as evidenced by the following books:

1. Woodrow Wilson and the Lost World of the Oratorical Statesman by Robert Kraig
2. The Rhetorical Presidency by Jeffrey Tulis
3. On Deaf Ears by George C. Edwards III
4. The Sound of Leadership by Roderick P. Hart
5. The Moral Rhetoric of American Presidents by Colleen J. Shogan

The universities and the public schools can promote presidential rhetoric and oratory. The public schools could include study of presidential speeches in speech, debate, and English composition. English Language Arts in Texas public schools needs to move from TAKS tests to competent teaching of rhetoric. The books by Robert Kraig and Colleen Shogan listed above were published by Texas A&M Press and Roderick Hart is with the University of Texas, Austin. These are good examples of how our universities can support the Speech Writing Project.

America needs Texas to provide a counter-weight to the power and influence of Wall Street. America needs Texas to provide competent, honorable leadership to restore our prosperity and preserve our liberty. All Texans need to consider where in the Texas Ascendancy Campaign they can best contribute. There will be many projects; there will be many opportunities where Texans can contribute to the Ascendancy of Texas.

Robert Canright

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