Friday, December 26, 2008

Texas Diplomacy Project

The next time a Texan walks into the White House, he or she should not have to depend on the services of staff whose loyalty lies elsewhere. Staff of questionable loyalty and competence is what you get when you don't know your staff, what you get when you accept the staff of a previous President.

The next Texan in the White House should not depend upon minions of the New York City oligarchy for advice. The New York City bankers have ruined the American economy, heck, they've damaged the world economy. The Council on Foreign Relations, which is run by the New York bankers, has done nothing to stem the decline in American prestige. The next Texan to enter the Oval Office should not depend upon the Council on Foreign Relations for staff or advice. The next Texan in the White House should not have to depend on Harvard economists on the Council of Economic Advisers, he or she should have competent economists educated in Texas. It is Harvard educated economists who helped ruin the world economy.

We need a Texas Diplomacy Project to provide the next Texan entering the White House with trustworthy and competent advisers in foreign affairs. In all human endeavors there is a strategic facet and a tactical facet. Underlying strategy is intent. I say our intent should be greatness.

Consider England. Queen Elizabeth I reigned from 1533 to 1603. At Elizabeth’s death in 1603 the population of England would reach 5 million. The DFW metroplex has a population of 6.1 million, making us the number 4 metroplex in America. England was a nation, playing on the international stage, defending itself against the Spanish Armada. Shakespeare wrote during Elizabeth's reign. DFW has a population equaling all of England during Elizabeth's time, but we actually have more resources today than they had back then. DFW alone could be another England.

Now consider Queen Victoria who reigned from 1798 to 1901. In 1851 the population of England was 21 million, but Queen Victoria as head of the British Empire ruled over 410 million people, one quarter of the world's population. The population of Texas today is estimated at 24 million, more than England under Queen Victoria.

Dallas-Fort Worth can and should be a player on the world stage for the sake of America's prosperity. Texas can and should be a player on the international stage for the sake of America's liberty. But we should not do it all by ourselves. We need to ally ourselves with all the states in the American heartland. Texas and DFW need to practice diplomacy at the regional, national, and international levels.

Our intent will be greatness for the good of all Americans. Our strategy should be to practice diplomacy to the legal limits of our state government. Our strategy should include developing think tanks on Economics and Foreign Affairs. Our strategy should be to develop relations with people, institutions, city, state and national governments throughout the heartland of America and around the world. This will be the Texas Diplomacy Project.

Texans will not bow to the will of the money lords of the East Coast. Texans will stand tall and bow to no one.

Robert Canright

Remember TLR = the Texas Leadership Revolution

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