Monday, December 1, 2008

TLR and the Texas Democracy Project

The Texas Leadership Revolution (TLR) needs to be grounded in democracy. For the state of Texas to advance on the world stage, we need broad participation in order to make the best use of all the talent in Texas.

Small towns in Texas, like Plano, are run by oligarchies and are functionally undemocratic because the vast amount of its citizens do not vote. When the citizens do not vote, they signal they do not care what happens. The State Legislature is butchering education in Texas because the citizens of Texas do not vote. The welfare of Texas depends upon the health of the democratic process in Texas.

The Texas Democracy Project, a part of the Texas Leadership Revolution, will seek greater voter turnout and promote better information for the electorate. The major media has shown itself to be manipulative and dishonest, which undermines the democratic process. Hence, there is a connection between the Texas Journalism Project and the Texas Democracy Project.

We need a grass roots movement to restore democracy to Texas.

Robert Canright

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