Saturday, December 13, 2008

TLR: More on the Texas Democracy Project

The Texas Democracy Project can organize voters at the grass roots level to discuss issues, meet like-minded people, and to get out and vote. We have political parties, but we have small voter turn-out when we are not voting for President.

Independent political clubs, focused on voter education instead of voter manipulation, and focused on getting as much voter participation as possible, will strengthen our democracy.

American newspapers are misrepresenting political events in America. Only by blogging, emailing, and making personal contact can voters learn what is really happening in America. Our American newspapers and TV news are like the Communist's Pravda. The Russian people found ways to communicate news amongst themselves, and so can we.

Independent political clubs can become important hubs for sharing information. Some of the Ron Paul groups are like this in their sharing of information. If we are going to continue as a free people, we need to organize for our self-preservation. It is great that some people participate in Republican clubs or Democratic clubs, but independent voters do not organize and they should.

Everybody in America needs to care about our Republic, or our Republic and our liberties will disappear.

Robert Canright

TLR = the Texas Leadership Revolution

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