Sunday, December 21, 2008

TLR: Integrity and Competence, the Cornerstone and Keystone

Integrity and competence will the the cornerstone and keystone of the Texas Leadership Revolution (TLR). I mentioned this concept back on December 6th and on October 5th.

Integrity is the cornerstone of a good life, a good person, a good society. A cornerstone is a reference point for the rest of the building and sometimes conveys symbolism for the intent of the building. If you misplace the cornerstone, the entire structure is misaligned. If you do not build an organization upon a foundation of integrity, that organization will never be right and cannot do any good. This is why so many Wall Street organizations today are failing, because they lack integrity.

Competence is the keystone of a good life, a good person, a good society. A keystone is considered a crucial element of a structure, whose removal would cause the structure to collapse. Certainly a keystone is the apex of an arch. If we remove competence from a society, that society descends into chaos and despair. On December 20, 2008, CNN reports some residents of New Hampshire have been without power for 8 days in freezing weather. The people have become desperate, pounding at the doors of the power company, running power company trucks off the road in order to try and force workers to restore power to their homes. This is the kind of staggering incompetence we used to see only behind the Iron Curtain, in South America, and in Africa. This means parts of America are slipping into the 3rd world, where government cannot provide the basic necessities of life.

We need to restore America to greatness and prosperity. We need to start here in Texas, we need to start now, and we need to start upon a foundation of integrity. Then we need to rise to the apex of competence, accumulating wealth, power and influence along the way.

As the lights go out in the Northeast, we need to be a shining light of hope for the rest of the country. We need to restore prosperity to America, and the sooner we start the sooner we can stop this slide into the 3rd world and restore America as a great country.

Robert Canright

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